Books and lists

I promised myself at the beginning of this year I’d pick back up on my book reading. God knows I read a TON most every day of the year, but lately it’s more short-form than long, more utilitarian than adventurous. (Note to self: this would be a good point to mention that Nicholas Carr book. You know, the one about short and longform reading, attention and intellect. The one you keep reading, um, tweets about.)

ANYway, I just finished a book today and feel like making a list. So. Books read in 2010 (so far):

1. Catcher in the Rye. (A re-read, on the occasion of Salinger’s passing.)

2. And Then There’s This, by Bill Wasik.

3. The Manual of Detection, by Jedediah Berry

4. The Ask, by Sam Lipsyte

5. Citrus County, by John Brandon (Rumpus book club selection!)

Quite a few others are on the not-yet-and-possibly-never-finished list. Such as the new Jonathan Lethem, which I want badly to love but can’t really. And Jonah Lehrer’s “How We Decide,” which I might finish, but also kinda think the first 100 pages are enough, you know?

Next up: whatever comes in the mail from Rumpus, and First Stop in the New World, a history of Mexico City.